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Survival Quiz was developed for the Ludum Dare 41.

The theme was “Combine 2 incompatible genres”. So I decided to combine a Survival Horror game with a simple Memory Quiz game, in a first time. But it’s finally look like a turn-based and Quiz game in a same time. Not a big idea and not very effective but I think is normal because is incompatible as the theme propose... any way, hope you can enjoy my questions based on memes and random one.

I wrote all questions in 10-15 min in reality. If you want to suggest types of questions or other things, do not hesitate. You can comment for this and thanks in advance, if you do that.


SQ_Win32-64.zip 31 MB

Install instructions


  • Download and unzip


  • Windows: 
    • Use Left Mouse Click To Play.
    • "Esc" for pause menu.

Development log

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